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Your Business 
with Enhanced Data Center Solutions

Evoque and Cyxtera coming together as Centersquare means more for you. More locations, more power, more support, more solutions, more options, more flexibility.

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Offering the speed, scale and agility your business demands.

Our customer-centric approach to innovation provides our customers with the foundation they need to succeed in today’s digital world.

The perfect blend of agility and control

We maximize your ability to compete in today’s digital economy by combining the financial and operational flexibility of cloud with the performance, reliability, and security of enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Intelligent automation

From powerful dashboards to robust automation tools, our remote management capabilities are best-in-class, delivering an intuitive user experience that brings you closer than ever to the data center.

Infrastructure on-demand

Built on a software-programmable and massively scalable network fabric, our Digital Exchange offers on-demand provisioning and customization of all aspects of the data center, including storage, compute, networking and management.



Leading enterprises around the world trust us as a strategic platform partner.




Cross Connects


Sq. ft. of Space


Expansion Capacity




Top Data center markets

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Whatever you need, we have you covered.



Unfulfilled Technology Requirements

Advanced infrastructure for AI/ML and high-density compute workloads

Aging Systems

Cutting-edge technology to optimize
tech refreshes

Budget Overruns

Workload appropriation to deliver 
cost-effective, scalable options

Lackluster Customer Service

Experienced and tenured experts delivering white glove service

Delayed Time to Market

Rapid deployment for quicker outcomes

“Centersquare has never blinked an eye at requests for water cooling, AI, special kind of chilling requests, power requests. You establish relationships and build relationships, and Centersquare has been very good with us, even if we have unusual requests. Bending over backwards for us.”

“We wanted something very specific in terms of what we did and you (Centersquare) helped configure specific to our needs. We didn't buy an off the shelf solution."

“It's easy for us to work with Centersquare when we have multiple locations with them globally. It's very easy to manage our sites through one pane of glass. I can now manage all my sites, my assets or my properties with my clients, globally.”

We want to hear from you

If you would like to learn more about how we can help with your infrastructure needs, please reach out via the quick form below to set up a follow-up call.

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Centersquare Customer Service - 1-800-884-3082